Thursday, November 15, 2007

In the workroom

It occurs to me it's been a while since I posted about what's happening in the workroom! I finally got poor Lisas KING SIZE quilt on to custom and it's been on for a week or two. I have line danced all the nine patches, SID around the 49 flower blocks and nearly finished the freehand feather motifs in the setting triangles....over 120 of them! Next I will mctavish the flower blocks and fill the plain white border with feathers, I have something drawn up but whether it goes to plan????

I have also done quite a few edge to edge here are a couple. First is a cute quilt I put Retro Flowers on

Next is Dels quilt, this quilt was quite striking. I put Hearts A Flutter on this one, a new pattern and I was very pleased with it.

And last but not least another DJ block, C-6 Ashleys Aura. I have decided to do the blocks that are past BOW's from now on so I won't get caught out like I did this week, having already done this weeks BOW.

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sionwyn said...

love what you're doing on the king size one. Like the two pantos too, they're rather nifty, but the freehand feathers are awesome chickibabe.