Sunday, August 26, 2007

I have been prodded!

By Sharon and Lissa. Yes I know I have been extremely slack. First of all after the birth of Coco and doing a little bit of running around to help Holly (as she couldn't drive for three weeks or so)there was my eye. I had a small growth removed from my lower lid in March ten days before Rebecca and Brents wedding which turned out to be a BCC (skin cancer). Unfortunately there were cancer cells in one of the margins which meant I had to go back again and have it redone. So that was four weeks ago. As it turned out they got it all the first time and this time there were no cancer cells. That was the good news. The bad news was it was a lot worse this time. They had to cut the outer corner to take another wedge out of the bottom lid then rejoin it before restitching the outer corner so it was a lot more bruised a lot more swollen and a lot more watery so blurry vision which meant no working for two weeks. Oh well at least its done now although its still healing and gets very itchy and still puffy at times.

Isabella Poppy at 22 months.

Coco Daisy at approx 3 weeks.

Today was my birthday so we went down to have lunch with the kids and grand-girls. I really am very lucky to have such good kids and such lovely grandkids. They all gave me money towards my tickets for Phantom of the Opera which we are going to see Friday 31st, dinner and show package so I am just crossing my fingers we get Anthony Warlow.(and a gorgeous bunch of flowers and Sharon gave me a friendship angel)

Workwise in the past few weeks I have quilted one custom and a couple of edge to edge quilts. Unfortunately my rechargable batteries keep losing power so I didn't get any photos of Sue's quilt which was the custom.

This is Jills stack and whack quilt, I put one of Irene Steele's feathered garden pantos on it.

This is Dot's cute quilt for her grandaughter. I just did a freehand meander on it with hearts daisies and butterflies.

Julie's cute Noahs Ark panel which I put a Noah's Ark panto on.

Julie's very cute bunny quilt which I put Cats paw (bunnies paw) panto on. Julie has been very busy this year!

Susan's star quilt which has Ribbons and Roses on it although its hard to see in this photo.

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