Friday, November 10, 2006

Well since my last post I have discovered beading! Big mistake walking into that bead shop.
Patchwork wise I had been doing a bit of work here and there on Not quite shabby and I did manage to put it together except for the final border. It is pictured at left without the dark pink 1.5" border it has on it now. Next it will have a 6-7" of the light rose fabric that is the background.

I have also been working on the latest I spy quilt for the new grandchild which is only 8 weeks at present and is due in June so I have plenty of time. It is a real WIP, it's based on the Anjii's Angles unit but I am unsure yet of the placement. At the moment I am still fiddling around with whether I will have sashings of not.

Now to the beading! I started with three $5 kits for earrings and a memory wire bracelet (which by the way is still a WIP) and since then I haven't looked back. Below are the earrings made from the kits.

In my next post I will show what I have moved onto!

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