Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I can't believe it is snowing in November! Not long enough at a time to lay around but it's been falling on and off all day in between hail. Left is my front verandah looking out onto the front garden. It's really cold at the moment, wasn't too bad this morning when this was taken but it's got colder throughout the day. I hope it keeps going as it may lay around if it falls after five.

Now for the beading....pictured at right is my next project after the earrings in the kits. Unfortunately the photos don't do it justice. The bracelet is a bead charm bracelet, it has purple beads and gold accents the chain is antique gold in colour and I just finished the chandelliers last night to match it. In between I did two pairs of "danglies" for my Aunt (the one that lost her husband last month) and a pair of chandelliers in the afternoon that I went to see her last week. That night when I got home I made her a red bead charm bracelet to match one of the pair of danglies and posted it off, she has received it and was thrilled.

Pictured left is the memory wire bracelet I bought as a kit. I didn't use the original beads in the kit but replaced them with rose quartz chips, pearls from my grandmothers old necklace, silver bead caps and pink swarovski crystal beads.

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