Monday, November 27, 2006

I think its about time I added something I have worked on so I will add some photos of quilts I have finished in the last month. Not many! Dorothys quilt took up most of the time being custom.

I freehanded large flower and leaf motifs in the large triangles, small flowers and leaves in the sashings, an echoed curl in the background of the flowerpot squares and feather then flower and leaves and lastly swags in the final border.

Bernies and Kris' quilt were all overs so took no time. Bernies quilt the black and white log cabin I put Kerryn Emmersons Spiral Square on.
Kris' quilt is a lovely quilt I would have liked to custom quilt it but it wasn't the right option for Kris for a number of reasons. It still looked lovely with KE's Field of flowers on it (which is my favorite panto pattern)

Pictured at left is my grandaughter Isabella. These photos were taken on cup day at 13 months. Her hair is finally starting to grow, it's getting much longer even since these photos were taken but not much thicker! In these photos she looks very much like her mother as a baby.

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