Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We must be mad!

DS no 2, Tim (the baby) is back home for a few months while his and Megs (fiance) house is being built. This is what he landed home with the other day....meet Peanut! How do I get talked into these things????
Peanut is a 3yo French Bulldog, her breeding days are over so she is now a pet. She has a lovely quiet temperament so lucky for that! I did say however that she makes Tim's other dog Indigo (a blue english staffy) pretty!!!

A few more dancing dollies hexagons.

A few more candied hexagons.

I have been fiddling with some nine patch blocks I made as leader/enders quite a while ago. Lissa made a pink and four patch quilt which I love and it gave me an idea...auditioning!

Queen Adelaide

Mt Shasta


Lissa Jane said...

that is truly only a face a mother could love.. looks like the gremlin in well Gremlins! glad it is a well behaved puppy dog, and loves Sylvester!
I am thinking everytime I visit your blog you have something new on the go.. you are truly as bad as me! LOL
PS started a new project, well two actually - apple core and klojses or however you spell it! LOL

ozjane said...

Of course you are mad......but you are a Mother and a doggy Granny as well now.
I thought when I saw the Hexegons that they were going to be his first quilting attempt........LOL

I love Queen Adelaide,
How is study going..

Sue-Anne said...

As long as they take the dog with them when they leave. We have a cat and a pomeranium that my daughter has brought home for me to look after!

Love your hexagons and your roses are divine!!