Saturday, April 24, 2010

Freezer Paper Hexagons

Does anyone else use freezer paper for their hexagons? I first came across the idea from a blog, I can't remember which one now but there was a link to 1" hexagons PDF so I printed it out. Although I use FPT for Dear Jane I had not thought of using FP for the hexagons.

Then I got Fabric of Society and the hexagons were on the pattern sheet so I started photocopying them onto the freezer paper. 
However, occassionally the freezer paper would get stuck going through the printer and it was a pain cutting it out to size....then I remembered that the Dear Jane website had A4 sheets of freezer paper and the fifty sheets even with postage were cheaper than any I could find from here. I am really really happy with the freezer paper I purchased, it is slightly thicker than the one I was using so it is almost like a very thin cardboard and the A4 sheets glide very easily through the printer. And I love the fact that I can iron it on and the hexie stays put while I am sewing.

These two below feature fabric from the latest fabric club mailing from Somerset Patchwork.  the darker rose fabrics are from Sally Rose. I have some of the blues from the collection ready to use also.

And really I should be doing this...but a girl needs a break some time!


Lurline said...

So lovely to have you Posting, Bernadette - thanks for the tips, I've enjoyed!
Hugs - Lurline♥

ozjane said...

I must be odd but the last lot of papers is actually more appealing.
I do not have to sew them in and then take them out.
I am considering using mac rinse as a base for hexagons but it may not be thick enough.

Lissa Jane said...

you are very naughty.. you have 4000 words to put down and SOON...

who should be doing her sequins instead of faffing about with the net and hexagons!

katrien said...

Great your hexagonnes.You have already done a lot of flowers.

Sue-Anne said...

The freezer paper idea would be really good for fussy cutting as the fabric wouldn't slip when stitching. How do you go removing them?