Friday, November 27, 2009

On the Machine...

This is my quilt on the machine! I finished it earlier this year and I decided to run it through quickly before I put a couple of overdue quilts on. One of Emma's patterns from Ballarat Patchwork.

I think it is about time I finished this quilt and sent it on to its new owners.

Back into sewing!

Remember this quilt? Lissa and I made the tumbler blocks out of our 1800's reproduction fabrics and swapped. They both turned out HUGE but I had heaps left over....

So I found some appropriate backing fabric and joined them with a strip of tumblers, it certainly used up all the spares and gave me more backing for such a large quilt!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Here I last!

Well I have survived my first semester at uni.....almost! Just a little 2 hour psychology exam tomorrow. I figure if I don't know it by now I am not going to know it so I am rewarding myself with a night off. So much has happened in the past few months. I opened bloglines this week and started trying to catch up on everyone's blogs, however with over 10,000 posts I don't think it is going to happen especially with this rotten dial up. It has started me thinking about doing some crafty things though after months of nothing but study and research. I had to drop off a quilt which was long overdue at the patchwork shop yesterday and couldn't resist buying a little something for the first time in months....

Last Sunday was spent making Miss Isabella's dancing costume, I thought those days were gone!! Her concert is next Saturday so I am looking forward to watching her on stage. (it did fit a bit better when it was finished)

In the meantime she turned 4!

On the 29th of October Romi Emerald came into the world, a little sister for Coco Daisy!

Isn't she beautiful, not that I am biased at all! Here she is with Mum (my daughter Holly) like a little koala.

Nine days old....

Bellas little brother Kalani Thomas is 8 months old and still has the bluest eyes! Here he is with my daughter Bec.

Coco's hair is curlier than ever!

What a monster!!

And spring is here.

My Grevillea has finally flowered after 3 or 4 years!

Hopefully over the summer break I will get back to catching up with all my favourite blogs and have some crafty show and tell!!