Friday, November 27, 2009

Back into sewing!

Remember this quilt? Lissa and I made the tumbler blocks out of our 1800's reproduction fabrics and swapped. They both turned out HUGE but I had heaps left over....

So I found some appropriate backing fabric and joined them with a strip of tumblers, it certainly used up all the spares and gave me more backing for such a large quilt!


Julia said... it.
Julia ♥

Lissa Jane said...

Oh neat backing bundy.. the front is nearly as lovely as mine! LOL I hope you find a great quilter to quilt yours too,*very tongue in cheek* mine is the favourite quilt in the house now!
Bundy thanks for doing this swap with me, I loved making this quilt so much I think I might do another one AND one in 30's!