Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sharon's Quilt

Here is something I was busy working on in February. I couldn't show it as Sharon would have seen it! It was made for her BIG O birthday and the theme is girlfriends and I quilted an edge to edge pattern on it, Retro Flowers.

The back of the quilt.

I was also very lucky to win one of Nikki's new patterns and she also sent the webbing for the strap! Thanks Nikki. It's the second time I have won something from Nikki, the last time I won some pressing cloths.


Here is Sharon's reply she has trouble leaving comments so emailed it instead.

Just read your blog and as you know I am completely stumped when it comes to that, but I wanted to say and I wanted all the people on your blog to know how much I love and treasure my quilt. It is so special to me and I love the name it is, I think Bern it really describes us beautifully.


trashalou said...

Ooooo! I bought that same material as the bag shown in the pattern. I love seeing other people exhibiting similarly good taste ;-)

Lesley said...

Nice quilt Bernadette, I bet you friend was thrilled with it. I also like the laptop bag, I'll have to go and check out the site.

On a different note, where do I go and how do I get the dear jane map you have to show what blocks you have done?

Jodie said...

Love that quilting pattern bernadette ! You have been busy!!!(as always)

Kelly said...

You must really like Sharon... Great work... And yet another bag to get your teeth into.
(We need to organise a sew day as i have the dear jane book, software and templates...He He)

Julia said...

Love the quilt,
Just perfect for an O birthday...
great quilting bernadette..
Julia ♥

Lissa Jane said...

Oohhhh noice Bundy... I am having an '0' birthday next year... people can't beleive I am turning 30 next year *W* is it because I am lying perhaps?? forty aint bad is it???

who isn't even 39 yet... YET..

Anonymous said...

Love the panels in Sharon's quilt BB. Where did you get those???

Loved the funky flower quilting pattern too. You are a busy girl.
Lucky Sharon.