Monday, March 23, 2009

The Interruption....

Here is the interruption, my new grandson Kalani Thomas!

Here he is about half an hour old, looking very much like his big sister Isabella looked when she was born it's really like seeing her all over again except he has blonde hair underneath the brown and has blonde eyebrows and eyelashes like his cousin Coco had. He is very very tiny only 4lb 5oz or 1.9kg.

Here is big sister Isabella getting to know him.

Kalani four days old.

with Aunty Kylie
Cousin Coco is fascinated, I think she thinks he is a doll as he isn't much bigger than her Lola!!


Jodie said...

Bernadette ! Congratulations..
He is so very very tiny, he does look a bit like a doll.

our shabby cottage said...

So, It was a nice interruption though! Congratulations. He is very tiny - he obviously came early?

rachelmp said...

How wonderful Bernadette! So tiny. How fantastic for your family to have a little boy this time too

Kerry said...

He is gorgeous. Congratulations.
Rebecca was right, it was a
Catch up soon.

Honey Pot Quilter said...

How cute is that little bundle? How cute are those curls on Coco! Just like her Grandma!! Beautiful.

The quilt looks gorgeous too.. well done. Love those feathers!!

Lissa Jane said...

awwwwww a wee bundy baby... he is soooo tiny... but I am sure he makes up for it in noise! enjoy!!! see you in 23 sleeps..

Foothills Fabric & Threads said...

Oh Bernadette he is so precious. Congratualtions. It was great to see you at AQC Hope I was coherant I was frazzled at times. See you in Adelaide.
p.s. your quilting is stunning!