Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Wedding.....

Here are some photos of the wedding on Daydream Island of my son and daughter in law.

Me with Nicholas (the groom) at Lover's Lookout where the wedding ceremony took place, just before it started.

Nicholas, me Mr quilting b and Timothy (the baby and best man!)
Lauren, Tim, Kylie and Nick, the rings.

Signing the marriage certificate.

Kylie and Nicholas.

GD1 Isabella Poppy throwing rose petals.

Isabella with the basket of rose petals.

GD2 Coco Daisy with the horse shoe for Kylie.

The family, Craig and Coco, Holly (my daughter), mr quilting b, Kylie, Nicholas, me, Tim, his g/f Megan, Brent and Rebecca (my daughter) with Isabella.

Kylie with Isabella. I think she was a bit in awe of the bride as her mother told her Kylie was going to be a princess....Isabella loves a princess.

The scene...

The reception at Lover's Cove.
The decking on the beach..

The view back across the water...

Cutting the cake.

The cute, beachy wedding cake, complete with the groom wearing "boardies".


mathan said...

vice nice pair. Congrats to your family and have a nice party

ladydi said...

Everything is so lovely. The formally set table on the beach is a sight to behold! Thanks to Jodie for the intro - you did such a nice job on her quilt.

Jodie said...

Oh Bernadette - how beautiful. I love that photo of the colours on the water.

Rachelmp said...

How beautiful Bernadette. What lovely pics and memories

Lissa Jane said...

thanks for sharing the pics of your gorgeous family.. what a lovely setting as well!!! and yes, the bride did look like a princess!

Julia said...

Great photos, love the cake, too cute!
Glad it all went well and eveyone had a great time.
You look lovely!
Hugs Julia

ozjane said...

You are looking pretty fabbo Mrs Quilting B. Lovely family photos to have. That table looks so inviting.
Glad it went well.

Waterfall Manor quilts said...

OMG Princess "B" what a blast,I love how relaxed everything is and what great family memories..well done you the cake and the groome in boardies..thanks for sharing.cheers Patxx