Monday, October 27, 2008

Some mail and some progress.

Look what I got in the mail.....

I have had my eye on this for some time and I couldn't resist it any longer.I love the original so much (I do like green bet you couldn't guess) that I had to make the green one. I didn't want to be EXACTLY the same so I made the black felt circles and free motion quilted them (on the domestic no less...gee was I out of practise) a la flowering gum blossoms...hmm...Nicole's flowers look prettier and mine are a touch small looking at the photo but they look ok up close. Great patterns with quite a few design variations to each pattern, very simple to follow instructions too.

I then used the black perle cotton and stitched some wobbly stem stitches as per the original. I wanted this as I have a lovely pair of green capri's to wear when it's warm enough which it was yesterday but I didn't go out anywhere. Oh well at least I will have the bag when I do wear them out.

Ahhh....did you spy what's beneath the bag? Yes it's the retro quilt! See I do finish some things Miss Kelly! (well apart from the quilting but the bags finished) Here it is before borders.

I couldn't get a good photo of it with the borders on which are just plain white 4.5" borders so this one will have to do.

And look what else arrived, another something I have been eyeing off for some time....
The lovely red and white ladybugs and the owl fabric from Kristen Doran.

Hmm... I wonder if a red bag with the red and white ladybug fabric flap would be overkill....and a brown satchel with the owls???

Look at my black tulips, aren't they lovely? I have had about 20 this year. As I was taking photos something caught my eye.

This little magpie was trying to keep very still but I saw him! I had been hearing him for a few days whenever his mother came to feed him. I can still hear him around but now he has progressed to the branches in the trees.

Here is my snowball bush, it's getting very tall. I bought this at the Ballarat Market as they remind me of my grandparents who had a snowball tree when I was young and stayed there for holidays.

Last but not least is a big fat bud or two of Pierre de Ronsard about to flower as are all the roses!

Oh and by the way who is ANONYMOUS? Whoever it is left me a comment on my last post and everyone I can think of that it might be would have a blogger anonymous who are you?????


Nikki said...

Great to see you enjoyed making the Tote - you did a great job - different flower size just adds your own stamp of individuality to it. Thanks for posting it - I'll link to it from my website.

Ha! WOrd verification here... "COWMESS"!!!

Lurline said...

Super photos - love the tote- love the quilt - love the fabrics (so different!)- love the flowers, bird, etc. - truly lovely post!
Hugs - Lurline.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bernadette! Thanks so saying hi at my blog and helping me to find yours! The tote looks fantastic. As are your quilts - I'm off to read your older posts now.

Lissa Jane said...

Bundy love everything you been up to..

I love the baby magpie too, I LOVE magpies, they are the biggest characters! (even when they be nasty pecky ones I still love them).. are your snowball tree's hydrangea's? I had some growing here dags got sick of them so he MOWED, yes MOWED, them down.. they remind me of my friends nanna.. dags has basically killed everything in this yard cept the gardenia's and the agapantha's, but I think they are on the endangered list too!


Nikki said...

Good news, Bernardette - you've won my give-away prize!!

our shabby cottage said...

Love the bag and I LOVE the retro quilt - the white borders really set it off. I have really been inspired by you and annie with your quilts. I really must give one a go! Kathryn.

Lindi said...

Love that quilt! Also love the bag. Like the circles better than the flowers, actually.