Monday, February 16, 2009

The Victorian Bushfires.

So much has been said on the Victorian Bushfires that decimated areas of our state just over a week ago. Nearly 2,000 properties lost and 181 is the official toll which is about to rise again.
How to help is a question being asked by most?
I have put my name down to volunteer here or you can donate here

There have been numerous ways of helping discussed, one place is putting together basic sewing kits for when the time is right. One of the survivors has asked for any plants/cuttings further down the track when things are a bt more settled.

Do you want to help by making toys or making or buying handmade items?

Last but not least. I have been a member of scquilters for the past seven years. Scquilters stands for southern cross quilters online and is made up of Australian and New Zealand quilters.
On the scquilters list is an absolutely unreal woman by the name of Jan Mac. Jan in her spare time (she also works) makes charity quilts for various groups including womens refuge's, Timor etc and has done for as long as I have been a part of scquilters. Jan has been inundated for years with fabric, orphan blocks, orphan quilts, ufo's, batting, batting scraps you name it she takes it and makes something out of it. Oh did I forget to add she also knits, goes to the op shops buys unloved wool or knitwear unravels it then knits or crochets blankets. As I said she is a marvel. Now Jan together with Christina has undertaken to make and distribute quilts for the bushfire victims. So I urge any of you that have fabric, batting or batting scraps, old blocks or old ufo's that you have outgrown please send them to Jan and Christina. Not to mention if you wish to make a quilt! I know I will be sending them some things over the coming months. You can find them here.

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ozjane said...

hyllaLovely compilation of all the info.
It has been a hard week to get through and start writing again.
I have a giveaway...a lonely one right now.....vbg.