Monday, October 15, 2007

Plodding Along!

Well I thought I was going great guns on DJ until I headed over to Janes blog!! Well I guess I am handpiecing and Jane is machine piecing so it's a bit quicker, thats my excuse anyway and I am sticking to it, well done Jane. I must admit looking as A-9 Log Cabin I do feel tempted to FP by machine! Anyway I have completed the most recent blocks of the weeks, which was K-9 Scounts Honour in the DJ blocks

I also completed B-13 Four Corner Press, C-1 Trooper Greens Badge, A-7 Dad's Plaids and A-8 Florence Nightingale.

Last night I did H-12 Hannah Lou's hearts and tonight I have one already cut out exactly the same as mine for Catrin in Denmark who lost her son in Afghanistan. My needleturn skills are slowly returning, it helped I remembered to cut curved pieces on the bias.

BR-13 Argyle for the TOW challenge

and H-1 Log Cabin for Sylvias Bridal Sampler which was the BOW.

Not much else to report, in the workroom I have been busy trying to get through the edge to edge so I can catch up on my custom quilting.

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