Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Busy Week

Once again it has been a busy week. I ran a workshop for my stack and slash shabby chic quilt at the local patchwork shop Pentland Patchwork on Saturday as so many people had seen the quilt and wanted to do a workshop for it. I am always surprised as I forget there are beginners around and its such an easy quilt to make. The girls all seemed to enjoy it as it is a "no stress" quilt.
Here some photos. Top left is Maureen with her pansies Right is Elaine with her shabby version. Bottom left is Sue with her blue and white and right is Nicky with her blue shabby. Kim was camera shy.

Top right is Elaine's shabby block, left is Maureen's pansy block bottom left is Nicky's blue shabby and bottom right is Kim's shabby block.

Now back to the workroom.

The next photo shows Bev's asian quilt I think that Adele may have helped Bev with her quilt. I think the Clamflower panto looks lovely on it and don't the colours look lovely and vibrant.
The fourth photo shows June's quilt. I think Adele either made this for June or with June. It has a lot of the same Kaffe Fassett fabrics I admired in Adele's last quilt. I suggested Linda Taylor's Folk Lily pantograph for this one and June agreed then we picked out a Valdani variegated thread with greens, mauves and pinks.

Last but not least Julies heart and nine patch quilt. The photos doesn't do it justice as the darker colour was a lovely green toile so it looked lovely and fresh. Baroque hearts was used on this quilt as it wasn't a particularly flowery quilt.

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