Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jellyroll Class

Yesterday I spent a lovely day teaching a class at one of my local patchwork shops, Pentland Patchwork in Bacchus Marsh. The class was for my Strawberry Lemonade or Dear Baby Jane quilt using a jellyroll and charm square pack, a very quick and easy quilt. The girls worked hard and finished their quilts to the last two pieced borders except for Kaye as she was getting sore eyes and Kelly who was having trouble picking a fabric to go into the first border. I am glad to say she finally found one she liked so I will expect to see it finished on her blog very soon! We had a great day although we were all tired by the end I think! Here are some photos of the girls.

Here they are, hard at work.

Julie, working hard!

Kaye, chain piecing.

Kelly, head down and flat out!

Someone obviously said something that amused Sharon!!

Sharon's quilt in progress.
Julie's quilt which we nicknamed Random Random as rather than have two fabrics the same on each of the squares as mine did she went for totally random so each frame around each square was different.

A close up of Julie's quilt with the pretty Butterfly Fling fabrics.

Julie with Random Random. We found a pretty white fabric with butterflies on it for their 1st border, very appropriate.

Kelly's pretty Flutterby fabric. Kelly decided to go with what we called "the structured" option, all the same fabrics for the frame. I think it worked well with her fabrics.
Gorgeous Kelly!

Sharon's half and half the same as mine, top and bottom the same fabrics and sides the same fabrics.

Sharon with her quilt. Only two pieced borders left to go.

Here's my friend Sharon who went for the "structured" or "organised" version in Butterfly Fling and a darker first border.

Finally here is Kaye with her structured quilt with 2 plain borders.

Don't they all look different! Well done girls!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another bag finish!

I love this pattern! Nicole M's large tote/satchel pattern, it's so easy and gives a really professional finish. This time I purchased some brown cotton drill from Spotlight and used the owl fabric from Kirsten Doran. I love it!!

This also arrived recently, my Day bag pattern from Nicolem along with some bag making hardware. I also received my prize, the moleskins that I won from Nicole for naming her newest bag design, Mod, the bundle at the back. Thanks Nikky.

I haven't shown anything in the workroom for a while so here is a photo of Yvonne's quilt in progress. It's taken me a bit longer than I thought with a few hold ups here and there but I am working on all the SID which is the slowest part. Isn't is pretty? It's a pattern by Robyn Falloon. I also have one of these panels finished as another UFO, I only have three more left to do then the day.

Dishcloth Quilt, another UFO

Believe it or not I have been working on another UFO or WIP, not a new project. Well not a new quilt project anyway. This quilt is The Dishcloth Quilt, another pattern from one of my favourite shops, Patchwork on Stonleigh. It got it's name as it has pieces of teatowel in it. I started this one quite a few years ago, two at least and came to an abrupt halt as I got to the outer pieced border only to find that the pattern had given me the wrong measurement for the quarter square triangles, not happy Jan!!! So after some unpicking and recalculating the triangles the outer borders are done. Now I have to work out what size spacer row to put in to make the borders fit, this is one strange pattern, not very precise at all so no doubt it will be put away for a bit of a breather. It is pretty though!

Vintage MOP buttons

That darn border!

Favourite embroidered flower.

Needleturn flower.

Can you pick the teatowel?

No that's not it! (above) The fabric above looked like a teatowel so I thought it fitted in beautifully and bought it.

That's it on the right, the red and white check.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Another finish...or two!

I have crossed another two quilts off my WIP or UFO list and placed them on the "to be quilted" list. That makes 17 waiting to be quilted....still I guess it's better than the 50 odd WIP's I have!!

First is my disappearing nine patch quilt. I had finished it as I bought it in a kit at the local quilt show but then I decided it was too small so I got some fabric for some borders. Unfortunately I couldn't match the large rose fabrics (green first choice white second choice) I wanted so I settled for one that matched the colours in the quilt.

Second is the Funky quilt. Pattern available from Ballarat Patchwork. This quilt has not all but lots of Amy Butler fabrics which I love. I really love all the strips in the borders.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Are we there yet?

This is my tumbler quilt, the one Lissa and I swapped our 1800's reproductions for. Lissa's is pictured here. I don't know what's happened as she seems to have 20x25 I think I counted and so far I have 28 rows x 20 across and still counting. I know I have bought a few more since we stopped swapping but I didn't think it was 100???? Hmm....maybe I put my scquilters fat 1/8th swaps in that was around 4o maybe that explains it. I will do another 2 rows making 30 rows then I will have to start adding some on the ends of the rows (have to put the 1/2's on the ends anyway)...will they ever run out!!!! We were inspired Kathie who made the lovely tumbler quilt pictured in her header.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Phew!! I finally got the rugrat down to bed. I am on babysitting duty as Coco Daisy's Mum and Dad went to Derby Day. We are in the middle of the Spring Racing Carnival here in Victoria, our major racing season. Here is a photo of her, isn't she cute?

And now for equal time here is her cousin Isabella Poppy at her third birthday...she is cute too and she loved her cake!!

This one is for Lissa, who asked if the snowball tree was a hydrangea. No and I can't remember the botanical name but I think there are a few different ones anyway.

Next these are for Jane and Kelly who wanted to see the full view. You will notice when I took this photo that the machine at least was free and clear unlike my own personal workspace. The table is covered with some of my WIPS and my quilts waiting to be quilted are under the white practise pieces (from when I first started quilting on the gammill) No the drums aren't mine, funny how even though the kids leave some of their possessions make their way back.

These are my latest fabric purchases. The black paisley and the cream with flower were both $3m at Spotlight so I got a few metres of each thinking of bag linings but I think I wouldn't mind the black paisley on the outside of one. I also got some brown cotton drill to go with the owl fabric not quite as dark as I wanted but it will do.

Also some lovely 1800's from Quilters Bizaar, thanks Lorraine. I loved that I was able to order 15cm of each! Just enough for Dear Jane with some scraps left over.