Friday, January 11, 2008

What I have been up to lately.........

I have nearly finished the violet quilt, half of the binding is sewn down so not much to go. I had it on the machine just before Christmas and it only came off a few days's hard to get motivated on the 35+ degree days plus I think it was the feather motifs I think I am feather motifed out after all the ones on Lisa's quilt. I sewed Coco's quilt in between quilting this, it gave me a break especially as the cotton kept breaking and breaking and breaking.....!!!!!! I had enough bits and pieces left to make the pieced backing. I hope my Aunty likes it.

SBS catch up! The last few days I even managed to catch up on some of my Sylvias Bridal Sampler blocks. I finally even managed to do the Block of the Week, G10 Arizona. 25 down 115 to go!!!!

1. L1 Friendship Quilt 2. H8 Pinwheel 3. B7 Swamp Patch 4. G10 Arizona 5. N10 Friendship Diamond 6. B4 Childrens Delight 7. B10 Friendship Star 8. D2 Milky Way 9. K7 Sickle.

1. N5 Windblown Square 2. G4 Chimneys and Cornerstones 3. L10 Contrary Wife 4. E1 Ninepatch 5. K3 Churndash 6. F8 Ladies Aid Album 7. A2 Shoofly. 8 E7 Ribbon Star 9 blocks, I now have 2.5 rows out of 14.

Is anyone watching?

The coast is clear.....hmm these rocks look good. I wonder if I can get some water from the dogs bowl and make some one is's my chance! I wonder what it tastes like? But I am innocent...hmmph...grown ups spoil all the fun ....I really am cute you can't resist me.

Miss Bella even has a pontail now!

Close up of Miss Coco Daisy big eyes.

Miss Coco's Sweet Baby Jane quilt is finished now it just needs quilting!
Bella's Strawberry Lemonade is next.