Monday, July 21, 2008

Two Awards!!

Well I am speechless! Thank you very much to both Julia

and Glenice who have very kindly given me an award each.

Julia's work I greatly admire from when I first saw her crazy patchwork during my CP stage to her beautiful quilts.

Glenice is an old friend from scquilters icq chat days whose work is also admirable and she does lovely silk ribbon embroidery along with Julia. Glenice is also a very generous lady! So thank you both once again, I am very flattered!

Now I believe I have to give the award out x 5 so I will just give out 6 as I can't split 2 but don't want to give out 10!! Some of my favorites already have had awards so that made my job a little bit easier and I decided to keep it within Australia as a lot of the blogs from the US girls I admire have also already had awards.

Number 1 goes to another old friend Kerry at my favorite things.
Kerry does gorgeous work and her stitcheries are so cute! Especially her latest one.

Number 2 goes to a new blogging friend Rachel from Four Wise Monkeys.
Rachel does beautiful stitching, I greatly admire her satin stitch which I am hopeless at. Her quilts I also love and the Tuesday show and tell!
Number 3 goes to a new blogger and a new quilter! None other than Kelly over at Maiden Ramblings. Kelly is an inspiration with her passion and enthusiasm for quilting (although she doesn't think much of machine quilting lol) and she is doing a great job with her new blog.

Number 4 goes to a blog that I greatly admire this blog has the prettiest eye candy. Kellie at Don't Look Now is the talented owner of this blog. I am constantly amazed by her talent and creativity.

Number 5 goes to the ever creative Jodie of Ric Rac fame. What can one say about Jodie? She is multi talented and makes the most adorable dollies with accessories. Oh and has the best sense of humour, I will never think of Abba's Dancing Queen in the same way again.
Number 6 goes to Jodie's friend Annie over at Flowergarden. Annie not only does some beautiful work but she takes the most spectacular photographs of her lovely garden.


Lurline's Place said...

Congrats on the awards - you deserve them!
I started reading the blogs you had awarded and I would be here all day - great fun!
'bye - Lurline.

Rachelmp said...

Thank you Bernadette. You have made me smile today! I love seeing what you are up to, and thanks for the nice comments on my stitching!

Annie said...

Thanks Bernadette!

Guute said...

Hello Bernadette, I just came over from Belgium to visit you. I found your blog on Quiltbloggers. You make lovely things. Congratulations with the awards!
Gudrun from Belgium

Kerry said...

Thanks Bernadette for my award I am very flattered and wouldn't even have one if it wasn't for xxx