Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Diana Princess of Wales

She is so beautiful I thought she deserved her own entry. I can see why this rose was named what is was, not only is it beautiful but its also a strong vigorous bush. Well worth buying if you are looking for a new rose. No 8 and 9 are Paul Becose and Sexy Rexy just to fill up a couple of places.

Monday, November 19, 2007

In the garden, a beautiful time of year!

The garden is looking beautiful at the moment with all the roses coming out in bloom. I just had to share some photos......the front of the house November 07.

In the foreground is Princess or Grace de Monaco, these roses line the front path to the front steps and the perfume is beautiful when they are out. These roses were here when we moved into the house, lucky some of them still had their tags on so I could identify them.

Below is the "lavender" garden underneath the silver birches. All the iris are different shades of purples and there are french and italian lavenders planted beneath the birches. Tony did this garden two maybe three years ago now, although the lavenders were already planted under the birches we did plant the roses and iris.

Below is Tony's latest garden this one was redone last year. The weeping cherry was already planted and there were some roses planted underneath but as there were no fences around the garden the wallabies just continually ate the roses so we have put up a temporary fence until we can get a nice picket fence or something around the front garden. We still are fighting the battle but at the moment we appear to be winning...I say for the moment! Anyway we dug up the roses potted them over winter while Tony worked on the garden redigging and putting in lots of horse manure (they do come in handy for something!) We replanted what survived and I bought lots of new ones as the garden is now twice and big as it was. This is it's second spring and with the pea straw the roses are going mad.

Below are the climbers and ramblers around the verandahs. They were all planted when we moved here except Albertine but they have more than tripled in size! First is the white rambler next to Paul's Scarlet. I guessed this to be Pauls Scarlet and bought another one to plant along the center of the side verandah and its turned out identical. Next is a potato bush (purple) next to the white rambler, next is the white rambler it's huge and will have to have a good chop back after its flowered. Last is Albertine, I bought this in a pot for $1 from an old man at the Ballarat market. There's actually two planted and I love it as I love the old fashioned roses, pity it only flowers once a year.

Below are some of my roses I have over 100.

1. David Austin that was already here no tag 2. Gertrude Jeckyll another David Austin. 3. Compassion a climber 4. Paul Becose 5. Flamingo 6. Apricot Nectar 7. Queen Adelaide (a beautiful rose xlge double fades to lilac and glorious perfume) 8.Brass Band 9. Pegasus (David Austin)

1.Barbra Streisand 2. Lavender Pinnochio 3. Queen Elizabeth 4. Saint Cecelia (David Austin) 5. Mothers Love 6.Caramello 7. Scentimental (a beautiful variegated red/ pink-white) 8. Transcendent (which I can't remember if its a DA or an old fashioned rose) 9. Diana Princess of Wales.

Cecile Brunner is halfway across the arch, its taken a few years on the other side is Penny Lane another climber but I might get another Cecile I think to put on the other side.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

In the workroom

It occurs to me it's been a while since I posted about what's happening in the workroom! I finally got poor Lisas KING SIZE quilt on to custom and it's been on for a week or two. I have line danced all the nine patches, SID around the 49 flower blocks and nearly finished the freehand feather motifs in the setting triangles....over 120 of them! Next I will mctavish the flower blocks and fill the plain white border with feathers, I have something drawn up but whether it goes to plan????

I have also done quite a few edge to edge here are a couple. First is a cute quilt I put Retro Flowers on

Next is Dels quilt, this quilt was quite striking. I put Hearts A Flutter on this one, a new pattern and I was very pleased with it.

And last but not least another DJ block, C-6 Ashleys Aura. I have decided to do the blocks that are past BOW's from now on so I won't get caught out like I did this week, having already done this weeks BOW.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dear Jane update

Well I am on the verge of my first DJ milestone, only one more block and I am a silver jane!

My current numbers are 24-5-1-647 which for non dear janers means 24 blocks, 5 triangles, 1 corner kite and 647 pieces. This weeks BOW is B-11 Melissas Cross which I have already done so I might get the chance to catch up on the TOW I missed the other week which was RS-9 Danish Delight.

The first one is the BOW for the week before last, I-13 Sweet Harmony, next is last weeks BOW I-6 Maze of Madness, this one really lived up to it's name trying to get the pieces all in the correct order, another with LOTS of pieces, 47 in it and needs some minor correcting in one corner. I am starting to think I should photograph these blocks rather than scan them as they look better from ten paces or in real life !!

Last weeks TOW BR-11 Tartan this ones looks great with a fabric from the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum range. The next block is B-9 Tinker Toy, very easy but Y intersections for those that don't like them.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Lisa's Wedding

Here are some photos of Holly's best friend Lisas wedding. Holly was matron of honour, Lisa bought her necklace from the bead shop and I had to add an extra strand of swarovski crystals with pale pink as her dress had pale pale pink in the bodice and shorten (read re-do) another strand so one strand ended up untouched! I also made her earrings as well as the bracelets and earrings of the bridesmaids. Coco looked like a little princess and she actually behaved like one when I had her from Saturday from 3 til Sunday til 2!

Friday, November 09, 2007

New Baby!

Here is Tim's (DS4) new baby. Somehow I have got the babysitting job until he is old enough to go "on the job" with Tim who is a plasterer. Tim has called him Cronk after Cooper Cronk the Melbourne Storm player! He is a red staffordshire bull terrier so I guess when he is older it will be an appropriate name. He is cute! First photo is on the drive home.

Cronk with Aunty Saffron.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Cutie alert!

Some photos of the girls or cutey patooties as Sharon calls them! Miss Isabella Poppy(with Nanny) and Miss Coco Daisy.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Last Weeks Blocks and Triangle

Well I didn't get a lot done last week, I was out a couple of nights and over the weekend so not much time and unfortunately it will be the same this week. Below is my block chart, at least it looks like I am getting somewhere on that!

First is TR-2 Australian Pines TOW last week.

Next is last weeks BOW F-1 Big Top, too bad I forgot the mirror image thing but I am not that worried! The BOW for Sylvias Bridal Sampler was G-7 Sarah's Favourite.

Projects in waiting!!!