Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Here we are a week later and not much closer to a quilt being completed, even a pantograph!
I should be working but as I have to take DS1 back to the hospital for his post op check I don't seem to be motivated to work for a hour. It was a busy week last week with the operation, the funeral, the early morning airport pick up and return of DD2, lots of catching up then the 1st birthday of Isabella.

I have decided to post some photos of some of the tops I have finished in the past 12 months a bit of show and tell. Most awaiting quilting of course!

The first one is a dresden plate quilt. I have used mostly reproduction fabrics or the antique flowers style fabrics. Well originally it was going to be entirely dresden plates but I got sick of needleturning the plates onto the backgrounds and I had some nine patches left over from another project so I turned the nine patches on
point and alternated the blocks. The look I was trying to achieve was a scrappy antique look, as if it was a "make do" quilt after all thats how they were made back then just with anything they had. I think it worked.

I love the border fabric and wish I could get more but I can't find it anywhere, I think they have sold out of it. Most of the reproduction fabrics I have collected from my local patchwork shop Pentland Patchwork in Bacchus Marsh or from Patchwork on Stonleigh as I subscribe to their fabric club.

Hopefully this will be motivation to quilt this
over the christmas break!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Here is a photo from my daughters recent wedding on Hamilton Island.
This is my family, from l-r Kylie (sons partner) Nicholas (son), me, Craig, Holly, Tony, Rebecca (daughter) Tim (son) and Brent (daughters partner) with Isabella (grandaughter) .

Rebecca will be getting married 30th March 2007 so it's back to saving again!

I have been a member of the online quilters group Scquilters for five years. As there will be no more Machine Quilters conferences in the near future I have decided that I can now afford to attend the scquilters retreat in Bendigo in April 2007. Now that I have decided I am going I am really excited about it as I have worked out I know at least 30 people, ranging from people I have met once or twice to people I know pretty well and have met on a number of occassions to people I have only chatted to online but got to know fairly well. So it will be great to catch up with the ones I know and lovely to meet the ones I haven't met in person yet.

On the right is a photo of the Melton Willows
quilting group's charity quilt which I quilted for
I think the tickets are still being sold out in the

I think this week life is once more going to get in the way of work. Today my Uncle passed away, he has been ill for a number of months with cancer so I guess in some ways it was a blessing although it is still hard on the family, I have always been very close to this Aunty.

Also tomorrow my son has exploratory surgery for a stomach problem he has had for a couple of years so depending if they find anything (adhesions from childhood surgery) he could be home same day or in for a couple of nights and need Mum to help look after him for a few days.
Then on Wednesday morning my daughter and son in law fly back from their honeymoon in Europe so I will be at the airport to pick them up at 4.45am.
Last but not least on Friday it's my grandaughters first birthday and my daughter is giving her a party Saturday so I will be on call to help there. Who said it gets easier when they leave home??